Old School vs. New School

grease-collageThrough this natural hair care journey, there are a lot of things that I’ve learned.  Some of these things go directly against EVERYTHING  my momma, grandma, or myself did/used on my hair as a kid.  For example:


This means you Blue Magic!   The days of grabbing jars of Ultra Sheen, Royal Crown and Dax sitting under the bathroom sink are OVA!!  While there were enjoyable moments when getting that good ole scalp greased, these heavy pomades don’t do anything for our natural tresses.  At least not mine.   If my hair is weighed down with wax, how can I expect to get a curl to pop.  Sorry Granny, but grease is not our friend.


I do, albeit rarely, enjoy a good gel.  Eco Styler is my girl!  Sis helps turn these unruly teenage coils, to nice tame baby hairs on my forehead.   HOWEVER, if I cannot see through said gel, I cannot use.  While Pro Style kept us all slicked down into those snatch-back, drawstring ponytails from back in the day, we have to let it go.  If it looks like tar or is some unnatural color, like teal or purple, or named JAM…. leave it on the shelf.  I have found that clear gels or gels that have a main, natural ingredient like flax-seed, will get the job done.  I know gels job is to basically allow you to sculpt your hair into a desired style, if it is going to completely remove my desired curl pattern and plaster it to my scalp…. I’m good.


Any product that is geared towards the growth and health of hair that grows out of a horse’s ass…….

C’mon Son. 

What I’m trying to say is, there are products and things we did to our hair back in the day, that we now know did damage to our strands.  Again, everyone’s hair is different.  These products may work wonders for your hair.  For me…after looking into product lists and using on natural vs. relaxed hair, not so much.

On the flip side, there are those product lines that have been tried and true.  It doesn’t matter if my hair was permed, freeze curled, French rolled or wash and go’ed.  There are companies that stay under the sink.  The Cream of Nature’s, Pantene’s, and Organic Root Simulators of the world have been in the bathroom for as long as I remember.  There are BAGILLIONS of products geared towards the naturalistas today, so I appreciate lines like Cream of Nature that have always had products that I used during all phases of my natural journey.   These products don’t just become staples in your house, but they are also found everywhere so, if you run out of your 25 dollar jar of leave-in, you can grab this at your local drug store for 6.00-7.00 dollars to run you until your next beauty supply store trip.

In the ever-changing natural hair care world, I love supporting the black-owned, niche natural hair care products, but I also appreciate the staples.   Especially when Creme of Nature comes out with this new Pure Honey line…… chile!!  Come through Creme of Nature for the culture!

Review of said Pure Honey Line is out now…subscribe to my Youtube channel (shameless plug) and click the notification link so you don’t miss it OR go to the videos page on this site and watch up on all my videos!


Keep living your best life, one strand at a time girl!

Naturally Na


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